Wedding day vendors | How to choose the right ones.

We know how overwhelming you feel when you sit down for the first time to plan your wedding day.  In other words, Manhattan Kleinfeld Bridal, My Fair Wedding, and WE TV Bridezillas’s flash before your eyes.  It stops you in your tracks.  Not only do you need to choose your wedding vendors but you need to choose the right vendors for you.  How do you choose the right wedding vendors so you have a perfect wedding day?  We have put together some advice for planning couples, just like you.

1. Vendor Pricing

Most vendors post prices on their website.  A lot of couples will go to, reach out to 10+ vendors and ask the same question “Can you send me your pricing?”.  Instead, create a budget and visit websites to find a few vendors for your budget.  You won’t waste time corresponding back and forth with vendors.  Can’t afford your dream wedding vendor?  Ask them for a recommendation.  Most of the time they are in a network of other wedding professionals and will know what style matches theirs.  It might seem weird but most vendors believe in community over competition.

2. Style

Even though you’ve asked your sister for a list of vendors she used, they might not be a perfect fit for you.  Check out a companies website gallery, Instagram and Facebook.  Read their content and decide if they sound like a vendor you would want to work with.  Do they sound upbeat and excited or do they sound calming and serene?  Think of how you envision your wedding day.  Is the photographer making you laugh or are they capturing your photos with a quiet candid style?  You can learn a lot about each vendor by what they say on social media if you know what you’re looking for.

3. Friend or Experienced Wedding Vendor

You might see vendors pricing and not understand how they can charge so much.  Similarly, your friend notices this too and offers to do your wedding makeup.  She is obsessed with makeup after watching hours of YouTube.  For one thing, does this friend carry liability insurance?  Does this friend know how to sanitize makeup brushes in between each person, or is she giving you pink eye for your honeymoon?  Will she make your wedding day a priority if it’s just a hobby?  Choosing any experienced vendor may have a bigger price tag but it is not always a bad thing to pay for knowledge and professionalism.  It’s important to remember what value you are getting for your money.  As the saying goes “You get what you pay for.”

In short, this is some insight into what couples can face when starting to plan their wedding day.  We hope this sparked some ideas for you and gave you some things to think about when booking your perfect vendors.  Visit our FAQ page for further information on our services Ziel Bridal FAQ

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