What Trends Should I use at My Wedding?

Whether you want to be on trend this year or you want to avoid them all together to stand out, we can help you!  We are not going to claim that we have the final list and final say on wedding trends but you can bet your behind that we have been looking at wedding design magazines just as much as you.  Here are our 5 favorite wedding trends of 2019.

Our Top Five Wedding Trends for 2019


Everyone is incorporating flowers in a bigger way. We’re not talking about the bouquets and the table decor, we are talking integrating floral arrangements into the dress. We’ve seen flattened floral arrangements and stringing long sections of flowers throughout the dress and even seen sashes on the grooms.

It’s a great idea and certainly an interesting way to go, but you need to be mindful of the people in the audience and I think bringing allergy pills would be a wise idea.

Nuanced Lighting

What Trends Should I use at My WeddingNatural Lighting and Stage Lighting have become mainstays of weddings and with that has risen the need to add something else. From spotlights to lanterns and torches, we’ve seen a boom in different styles of lighting to convey a different mood.

We are all for utilizing spots and working with whatever lighting we have, but we are going to add in a ‘be careful when handling fires’ and make sure that wherever you get married that it’s a good choice.

Layers and Ruffles

Wedding Dresses are consisting of layers and ruffles from close to 90% of the dresses we’ve seen.  Bouncy dresses and tule bottoms are starting to make way for the new trend.

We are wholeheartedly supporting changing up the wedding dress style. Adding in some bohemian touches here and there just brings the entire process down to earth a little bit in a way we fully support.


By this, we mean incorporating nature. We’ve seen a lot of mish-mash weddings that take place outdoors and indoors for different parts of the ceremony. The incorporation of nature can even go so far as bringing in huge amounts of agriculture into the dining and party area.

We really like this to an extent. Incorporating nature and emphasizing different trends is good but there is a point in time where if your lighting person and arborist are not talking, you are going to all end up with different ideas for how it will look.  Great communication is definitely needed to pull this look together.

Stand Out Groom

Finally, we are seeing a lot of Grooms with really stand out looks. This can be the complete removal of the black tux idea to incorporating traditional and cultural garb from where their families originated.

This sort of mix and match has been sorely missed in the wedding scene because it just opens up so many different stylistic ideas for what you can do at a wedding. When you start shucking off some of these traditional wedding conventions it really opens up the ceremony to new and interesting experiences.

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